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"I have to want it and I have to let someone help me."

In September 2019 REFORM, Inc. birthed its signature, year-round program B.L.A.Z.E. (Becoming Leaders and Acquiring Skills as we Zealously Empower our lives) Academy.  B.L.A.Z.E. is a holistic, wraparound program approach that has two tracks: BLAZE Leadership Academy and BLAZE At-Risk Academy. 

The BLAZE At-Risk Academy is designed to empower at-risk, transitional, independent-aged youth and young adults (male and female) aged 10-24 to become leaders in their communities by preparing them with the skills and knowledge needed through assistance in all areas of their lives: home, social, mental health, and education system. 


BLAZE offers both life skills and therapeutic groups.  


To date, BLAZE At-Risk and BLAZE Leadership have enrolled over 60 "BLAZERS" into the program since inception.



  • Parental Incarceration

  • Substance and Alcohol Abuse

  • Bullying

  • Repeating Grades

  • Suicidal Ideations

  • Parents desiring to complete GED programs

  • Mental Health Issues

REFORM, Inc. has been approved for a grant through the Arkansas Coalition for Juvenile Justice/State Advisory Group Board in conjunction with the Department of Human Services/Division of Youth Services in November 2019.  This grant covers Jefferson, Lee, Phillips and St. Francis counties.  Through this grant we focus more on the at-risk youth between the ages of 10-18 who are already involved in multiples systems to prevent more encounters and decrease poor choices that lead to negative consequence. BLAZE Academy will establish or support community-based approaches to prevent juvenile delinquency and assist with improving the juvenile justice and delinquency prevention programs that meet the needs of youth through collaboration of the many   local systems that a youth may appear such as: schools, law enforcement agencies, courts, child protective agencies, mental health agencies, private non-profit agencies offering youth services. These youth also have parents who have been incarcerated at one time in their life. 

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