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SisterFriend 2020 Bar Raisers

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Kirra Williams
We Apply

Kirra Williams is the Founder and Executive Director of We Apply. She has always known that she wanted to make a difference in the community by working with youth and young adults in a nonprofit setting.


Kirra graduated as valedictorian from Hall Senior High School of Little Rock School District in 2008. She went on to attend the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, and graduated with her Bachelor's (2012) and Master's (2014) in Social Work.


Since graduation, Kirra has worked as a therapist and a college and career counselor. Kirra has experience working with severely mentally ill adults as well as youth and families in a school based setting. Kirra believes that her years as a therapist will aid her in helping students and parents create and achieve attainable goals to prepare students to prepare and apply for college.


After graduating and working in the field, Kirra noticed the disparity between obtaining a college education and career attainment. She noticed that many of her peers either: did not go to college or went to college and graduated, but were not working in a field related to their degree.


Obtaining a successful career begins with college and career preparation. Kirra created We Apply because she understands that to create a successful future generation, we must adequately prepare students for college and their post collegiate careers.


Kirra hopes to meaningfully impact the lives of many students and parents through the educational programs and services We Apply offers.

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