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SisterFriend 2020 Bar Raisers

Sharifah Solomon Pharr headshot (1).JPG
Sharifah Solomon-Pharr
Occupancy Planner in Commercial Real Estate and a Commercial Interior Designer

Sharifah Pharr is an Occupancy Planner in Commercial Real Estate and a Commercial Interior Designer by trade and education.  She currently works in Silicon Valley with tech clients to strategically plan the maximum use of real estate in their portfolio covering millions of square footage in leased spaces across multi building campuses.


Sharifah grew up in Berkeley, CA in the Lorin District submersed in an eclectic art scene surrounded by cultural centers promoting social justice, antique shops, an organic and natural international food market, family restaurants with various cuisines, and the Pacific Ocean.


Growing up in an art district led her to being placed in art school and as a student candidate in MESA (Mathematical Engineering Science Achievement) which is a program designed for students in low income and under served communities as a career and college path.


She attended San Francisco State University & the Art Institute of Houston. In her early 20’s she became a Commercial Interior Designer working with start up dot coms in the late 90’s.


Two decades later she is now a SME (Subject Matter Expert) in her field and a Steminist encouraging other girls of color to not shy away from STEM fields.

Charlie has worked in the mental health field for over 13 years and private practice for about 10 years. Charlie is the owner of the Arkansas Relationship Counseling Center which counsels over 300 couples per year. You can view Charlie on Fox 16 and past relationship expert for THV 11. 

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