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SisterFriend 2020 Bar Raisers

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Roslyn Burks, APRN/BSN/BC

Body Guard, LLC

Roslyn Burks is a board-certified Family Medicine Nurse Practitioner. She has been in healthcare for over 32 years and works as an Advanced Practice Nurse Entrepreneur providing urgent care, long term care and primary care through various healthcare entities in Arkansas.  She is the founder and owner of Body Guard, LLC which provides various services including individual life coaching, weight loss and life style change coaching, grief counseling, health care marketing and strategies and several other services. She is a partner and governing body with Dr. James A. Campbell, Jr. and Fresenius Medical Care in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. She is also a credentialed provider with Jefferson Regional Medical Center.


Roslyn received a diploma in Nursing from Jefferson School of Nursing, Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Arkansas at Monticello, Master of Science in Nursing from Delta State University in Cleveland, Mississippi, Doctorate of Theology and  Christian Education from Gospel Ministry Outreach Theological Institute in Houston Texas and she is a doctoral candidate for a Doctorate in Nursing Practice from the University of Southern Alabama. She is a certified life coach, certified grief counselor and certified Fatherless Daughter Advocate.


Roslyn is a proud member of Canaan Christian Center where Apostle Craig and Pastor Sheryl Banks are her pastors. She has served in various capacities in ministry and now serves as the Coordinator of Helps Ministry. She is an ordained Minister and an Ordained Elder.


Roslyn is the proud mother of three; Dana, Tonya and Darius. She is the grandmother of 8 grandchildren.


Roslyn’s passion has always been to minister to the full man including body, soul and spirit.


Roslyn is a proud member of the Arkansas Nurses Association, Arkansas Nurse Practitioner Association, American Nurses Association, Academy of Nurse Practitioners, International Nurses Association, Nephrology Nurses Association and National Nurses in Business Association.

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