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SisterFriend 2020 Bar Raisers

Candle headshot.png
Candle Lockett
Candle Real Estate Group and Candle Media Group

Candle Lockett is a light in the areas of wealth building, real estate investing, and philanthropy. She is C.E.O of Candle Real Estate Group and Candle Media Group in Atlanta, GA.  A native of Chattanooga, Tennessee, she is a 3rd generation H.B.C.U. graduate of Fort Valley State University.  


After graduating and teaching abroad, Candle obtained her real estate license and launched Candle Real Estate Group with Keller Williams. In less than 2 years in business, she exceled into the top 20% of her brokerage and into the top 20% of agents in Atlanta, GA which qualified her as one of Atlanta’s Top Producers in Real Estate. Even after this achievement, her ambition did not stop.


In 2018, she obtained her Broker’s license and created Candle Media Group, an outlet that provides real estate, financial education and information through print, digital media, and speaking. She is the host of “Lighting Up Real Estate” a weekly podcast that helps people who want to become real estate investors, and owner and creative writer of a personal finance blog that shares free information for anyone who wants to learn how to invest in real estate and homeownership. Her business plan is simple: educate to increase minority homeownership, minority businesses all in an effort to close the wealth gap in the US.


In her free time she loves to read, trade Forex, rehab homes, and create businesses. She is most passionate about sharing her knowledge with your minds and providing academic scholarships to HBCU’s.   


Candle lives by the “The Law of Giving”. It is achieved when one is simply a candle, by definition, in 4 ways:  

  1. Give your light. Your true authentic self. When you do you give others permission to do the same.

  2. Protect your light. Give gratitude in all things. When you do, God gives you more.

  3. Give back. Your purpose as a candle is to burn yourself to give others light. Never forget who gave to you.  

  4. Shine your light. Love every moment of this amazing life God has given you- stay lit! 


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