Who We Are

REFORM, INC. (Resiliency. Empowerment. Faith. OveRcoMer) is a non-profit corporation operated exclusively for educational, religious, scientific, literary, and charitable purposes within the meaning of Section 501 c3 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986. It was incorporated in April 2013 and is currently based out of Pine Bluff (Jefferson County), Arkansas. 

 purpose is to empower transitional independent-aged youth and young adults from 10-24 to become leaders and to prepare them with the skills and knowledge needed through education, life skills, and vocational training. REFORM, Inc. seeks to foster commitment from the youth to the outcome and solution and from the community to be a part of the process and solution. REFORM, Inc. seeks to become an asset to the youth by developing their sense of hope for the future and promote strong interpersonal skills to be uncovered by the youth in order for them to follow through to adulthood on a positive path with a sense of pride, accomplishment, and increased self-esteem and knowledge.

REFORM, Inc. is designed to provide the skills sets needed to transition and independent living aged youth” to empower them to become leaders in their communities and to prepare them for adulthood through life skills classes, education, and hands-on apprenticeships/mentorships. Through this program, our hopes are to enrich their lives, enhance their self-esteem, focus positive energy on preparation for the real-world, prepare them to make a positive impact on others wherever they go, and encourage their resiliency to have faith in themselves that they can overcome any obstacle they face and become respected, productive, citizens in their communities, cities, states to which they seek to reside.

To be a catalyst for change in the lives of today’s youth to increase their chances of being leaders of tomorrow.

To empower transitional independent aged youths and young adults, ages 10 through 24, to become leaders by preparing them through education, life skills and vocational training.

Dreams can be realized with proper planning, support, and action”.

Though youth have repeated failures in the classroom and have developed destructive habits, at-risk youth have seemed to have lost faith in the possibilities that await them if they are successful in putting their lives together. To accomplish this, youth must be in caring, inclusive
learning environments that promote their best efforts and reinforce personal respect for themselves and others. REFORM, Inc. is a residential- program designed to provide a direct response to the growing number of youths that are either falling through the cracks of unstable housing, homelessness, unpreparedness, failing in school or who already are entangled in the juvenile justice court system. The goal is to identify youths experiencing a turbulent transition to adulthood and offer positive support to avoid pitfalls that could with most certainty derail their lives.

The vision for REFORM, Inc., is to be the leader in empowering at-risk youths to live their dreams and to increase their chance of becoming leaders of tomorrow through support, encouragement, dedication, empowerment, development, and education. REFORM, Inc., strives to give youth the tools and resources to excel in every area of life by focusing on developing youth intellectually, emotionally, academically and spiritually while meeting the needs of the youth, their parents and the community. Most at-risk youths lack support systems and guidance. When possible,

REFORM, Inc., seeks to engage the youth’s parents and offer them support as statistics have proven that children have a better chance of creating and maintain change when the environment around them changes as well.
, seeks to improve current relationships, form new positive relationships and assist youths in developing new ways of handling
conflict, adversity, stress and chaotic situations/relationships through utilizing conflict resolution methods and character building. The desire
is that once a youth develops positive self-esteem, improve and enforce morals that have been taught, acquire leadership qualities and skills, and place them in new, improved situations/environments, they will have a skill set to employ to make better decisions for their lives. Once they care about their own lives, prayerfully it causes them to place value on others’ lives and their property.

REFORM, Inc. will consist an executive board and a youth advisory board. Male and female youths between the ages of 10 and 24 must complete an application process to participant in REFORM, Inc., programming and residential services. Upon acceptance, REFORM, Inc., will perform a needs assessment, to include various bio-psychosocial and youth assessment tools, to develop a holistically approach to assist the youth in succeeding. After identifying where a youth stands academically, socially and educationally, REFORM, Inc., will develop a goal plan sheet to track the youth’s progress and potential barriers/setbacks and it will be reviewed every three months or as needed in case there is a significant change.

Average time in the program will be until graduation or a youth can choose to stay in the program extended stay program throughout their post-secondary education course for added supports until they turn 24. Life skill subjects to be addressed will be, but not limited to: Adult Daily Living Skills, socialization, sex education, team building, conflict resolution, diversity, communication, and listening skills, coping skills, mediation, community service, leadership, peer mentorship, abstaining from drugs and alcohol, internet safety, drug education, anger management,  banking, budgeting, how to pay bills, cooking, keeping appointments, banking, shopping, saving money, credit, and driver safety.

Education skills training will be offered through parenting classes, GED preparation, test-taking classes, and homework tips to increase grades,and more. Career skills training's will include credit counseling, entrepreneurship, apprenticeship, career counseling, job interviewing skills, how to dress for success, how to complete resumes, and complete job applications.

Health training skills will be offered through the use of yoga, Zumba, meditation, dieting, healthy foods, how to be aware of danger signs of health problems, preparing for life through learning about health insurance, life policies, and more. Incentives will be offered for each level of completion through the duration of the program. Mentors will be provided as an extra layer of help to assist youth in developing and reaching attainable goals to better the chances of each youth becoming successful. Parents will be involved through intensive family services, when applicable, to increase youth incentive and promote parental engagement. 


They will be offered several services including but not limited to assistance in identifying resources, and participation in the program through parenting classes, credit counseling, job skills training, communication, education training's, and more. 

REFORM, Inc. will offer support groups, a mentoring program, and apprenticeships by partnering with local businesses and business owners to match with identified desired fields of study of the youth. REFORM, Inc., also intends to partner with other local, state and national for- and not-for-profit agencies in the future.

Other Programs of REFORM, Inc.

  • College/Vo-technical/University Tours

  • S.W.A.G (So Where Am iGoing) Female Only

  • MAN UP S.W.A.G. (So Where Am iGoing) (Male Only)

  • Historically Black College and University Spring Break College Tour

  • Drewcillar Hunt Scholarship Foundation

  • Independent Living Transitional Living Home

  • B.L.A.Z.E. (Becoming Leaders and Acquiring Skills to Zealously Empower Our Lives) Academy

  • Youth, Teen and Young Adult Empowerment Summit

The Youth, Teen, and Young Adult Empowerment Summit aims to give youth and parents in conjunction with community partners across the Arkansas the opportunity to reach beyond the breaking point and better their chances at reaching success by utilizing this program to begin their journey into a great beginning of the rest of their lives at becoming leaders. Using a collaborative, wraparound, multidisciplinary approach, while combining formal supports in a safe, conducive, learning environment a weekend will be spent to broaden youth’s imaginations and breathe new life into their dreams through:

  • Seminars related to personal, financial, and personal health/well-being 

  • Motivational speakers, promoting wellness of the mind, body, and spirit,

  • Nationally notable Keynote speakers/entertainment

  • Informational vendors

  • Youth participating in the community service project

  • Subsequent scholarship

  • Other activities and more

  • Seminars will consist of topics including but not limited to:

  • Money Management/Budgeting

  • Self-Esteem

  • Realizing your Dreams

  • Relationships

  • Anger Management

  • Conflict Mediation

Grief and more And life skill topics will include but are not limited to:

  • How to save and budget money

  • Credit/Money Management/Budgeting

  • Financially preparing for college and life

  • Etiquette

  • Socialization

  • Job skills

  • Exercise and meditation

  • Community Services/Resume Building and more


REFORM, Inc. will address youth using this 10-step model:
1. Assessment of Needs
2. Goal Setting (Solution-Focused)
3. Consistency
4. Regrouping when necessary
5. Adequate Supports
6. Self-Discipline
7. Skills Development/Preparedness
8. Mentorship
9. Positive Experiences/Activities
10. Empowerment

REFORM, Inc. is afforded the ability to fulfill and sustain the following:

B.L.A.Z.E. (Becoming Leaders and Acquiring Skills to Zealously Empower our Lives) Academy ,

Summer Programs


College Tours
College/Vo-Tech Tours, HBCU Spring Break Tour, along with:
Goal Formulation- Each Blazer will have goals set and regularly reviewed to increase their chances of success. This plan will be individualized and
services will be delivered based on the identified needs and strengths of each youth.

Life Skills Teaching
Skills pertaining to life, taking care of one’s self mind, body, spirit and professionally to better prepare Blazers to live
independently will be addressed.

Support Groups (Youth)
Support groups facilitated by credentialed community partners will be offered to Blazers to provide opportunity to bond and work through potential issues of life in a safe, therapeutic environment.

Support Groups (Parents)
Support groups facilitated by credentialed community partners will be offered to parents of Blazers and community
members to provide opportunity to bond and work through potential issues of life in a safe, therapeutic environment

Vocational Training/Apprenticeships

REFORM, Inc. will seek to partner with community businesses to facilitate Blazers having the opportunity to match up to learn trades and to rule out potential life careers. This opportunity will also give Blazers the opportunity to build their resume and save money should they apply for grants and loans for education.

Domino Effect
The domino effect is a chain reaction that occurs when a small change cause a similar change in others in close proximity, which then will cause another similar change and so on in linear sequence.

REFORM, Inc. will prepare our youth and enable them to empower their peers. Through providing our youth and their peers life skills and
leadership skills, we will not only empower them, but five them the tools to empower others. 

Leadership Training
While matriculating through the REFORM, Inc. Program and while residing in BLAZE Academy, each Blazer will be challenged to exercise leadership abilities. We will engage Blazers in leadership activities to help develop their leadership abilities and increase their self-confidence.

Each Blazer will be connected with a mentor based on interest and compatibility. All volunteer mentors will be trained and equipped to
challenge the youth in their morals and values and to provide encouragement and guidance along with new positive opportunities.

Through the Drewcillar Hunt Scholarship Foundation, REFORM,Inc. will seek to partnership and financial support to provide Blazers who
meet program requirements with the opportunity of higher education. We will also educate Blazers on other scholarship opportunities available and assist in the application process.

Parental Involvement
In order for youth to be successful, environments around them have to change during their seasons of change. REFORM, Inc. will engage the parents of youth who are enrolled in the program and offer incentives for the youth for parental involvement. REFORM, Inc. will identify needs of parents, assist with resources needed, parenting classes, credit counseling, job skills training, effective communication,
education trainings and support groups.

Youth Advisory Board
YAB will be a subset of REFORM, Inc. where representatives that are Blazers, Board of Directors, community partners,
mentors, and volunteers will come together to bring the youth of REFORM, Inc.’s voice to the Board to better serve them. The Board seeks to also enhance the youths’ self esteem and leadership skills by involving them in the program that is FOR them.

Case Management

REFORM, Inc. will provide case management services to Blazers to assist them in reaching their fullest potential according to their goal sheet. Case managers will assist youth with needs including employment, higher education, and other services the youth may need at any time.

Outreach/Community Service
REFORM, Inc. will encourage youth to participate in church activities, community outreach, giving back opportunities, as well as conducting community service projects while in the program.

REFORM, Inc. will contract with community agencies and will provide intensive family services, counseling and case management needs
for Blazers and their families when applicable. 

REFORM, Inc. will stress the importance of education and provide tools and services to give Blazers the best opportunity at successfully completing educational programs on all levels. REFORM, Inc. will seek out/provide tutoring, test preparation, and other services related to education to enhance Blazer’s opportunities at success.

Conflict Resolution Skills
REFORM, Inc. will address and provide role plays, along with groups and information regarding positive conflict resolution skills for Blazers to increase their chances of having positive outcomes in potential adverse, hostile situations.